Product Range

Our products are mostly welcomed by both Dental Clinic and Laboratory.

We provide FG or RA Diamond Burs, FG or RA Tungsten Carbide burs, FG or RA Silicon polishers , RA Polishing Brushes, FG or RA Mounted Stones, Mandrels etc for Dental Clinic.

Meanwhile, We provide HP Diamond Burs, Diamond discs, HP Tungsten Carbide Cutters and burs, HP Silicon polishers , HP Polishing Brushes, HP Mounted Stones, Mandrels etc for Dental Laboratory.

With the development of new materials for dentures in recent years, we develop very nice quality burs for grind or polish Zirconium , Lithium Disilicate, All-Ceramics , Compound composite . Our Diamond stones and polishers become the best quality and widely accepted by the world.

Milling burs for CAD/CAM system was developed since the year of 2012 . Now all the milling burs are suitable to different brand machines.

Whoever the Dentists or technicians you are, we are sure you will enjoy to using our rotary instruments and work very smoothly.