Polishing Brushes


Prophy Brushes & Cups are attached to handpieces and used for polishing and removal of heavy stains.

They’re very flexible to reach into occlusal fissures and grooves to remove debris around orthodontic appliances, and clean hard-to-reach interproximal spaces.

Moreover they’re also excellent for polishing composite restorations.

And it’s very safe and effective for cleaning teeth.

Dian Fong Prophy Brushes & Cups all are right angle latch (RA) shank.

We provide standard ,Flat or pointed brushes;4 angles soft and 6 angles hard cups.

Available in soft or stiff bristles made of Goat hair, Bristle, Felt, Leather, Thread.

Abrasives Fiber or colorful Nylon etc.

Specifications Types

Flat Brush: The flat brush can be used to clean the teeth surface.

Tip Brush: The tip head is easy to clean the space between the teeth.

Polishing Cup: The polishing cup is suitable to consolidate the cleaning effect.

Function introduction

Nylon Brush is soft and flexible, ideal for polishing around implants and orthodontic appliances.

Midget Pointed Brush has a smaller diameter than the Standard Pointed Brush with firm pointed bristles ideal for hard-to-reach areas, such as the lingual surface of anteriors and around orthodontic appliances.

Standard Brush has firm bristles to remove tough stains. Ideal for polishing pits and fissures, as well as preparing tooth surfaces prior to sealants and orthodontic applications.

Overall,Dian Fong provide full variety of brushes & cups to fit your any needs.