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Dental burs are a daily necessity in the clinical work of dentistry, they are designed to meet the various needs of dental preparation, different models of burs are designed, choose the right burs can make your work more effective.

At present, the dental burs usually divided into tungsten carbide burs and diamond burs, tungsten carbide burs are more commonly used in foreign countries. While domestic dentists mainly use diamond burs.

The diamond burs have a certain sharp angle of diamond sand, according to a certain direction, the stainless steel needles center axis as the circular center for adhesion or plating, made of a certain cutting ability, used for restoration in the preparation of dental body important instruments. The diamond burs head drill has many tiny diamond particles attached to the periphery of the diamond, these diamonds have undergone the processing of De-impurity, de-magnetizing, spheronization, purification. Excellent performance in sharpness and wear resistance.

Diamond burs remove metal porcelain teeth or porcelain crowns need around one hour. and requires at least 2-3 or more diamond burs. So the working efficiency of the diamond burs is lower than that of the tungsten carbide burs.

Tungsten carbide burs are made of integral tungsten carbide, no welding, no working end breakage of the turn-off phenomenon. High concentricity, high hardness, no rust, wear-resistant, and high-temperature resistance. And tungsten carbide burs have a long life span, one tungsten carbide bur can remove more than a dozen metal-grilled porcelain crowns or metal-grilled porcelain teeth. it's more durable than diamond burs.

Dentists can choose different diamond burs and tungsten carbide burs according to their needs.

Dian Fong Abrasives have high-quality diamond burs and tungsten carbide burs, highly concentric, no beating, precision-ground and rugged. We obtained EU ISO and CE certification. Quality can be trusted. Dian Fong dental burs are the best choice of dentists.