Stones Mounted


Dian Fong High quality mounted stones are ideal for finishing Porcelain, Gold, Silver Alloys, Amalgam , Enamel and Composites. We can provide different size ,head shape and shanks for you choose.

Green Stones are made of Silicon Carbide ,White Stones are made of Aluminum Oxide.And we have FG (Friction Grip) and RA (Latch Type) 2 different shank to meet your approval.

We also provide various specifications and size to suit for your requirement.

If you need a cheaper price, we also can produce the Economic-quality stones for you. And we still provider several specifications and size for your reference.

High quality Stones VS Economic Stones

High quality Stones are use a new process. It’s all-in-one molding . Non-Welded. Concentricity is more stable and the head isn’t easy fall off . So it’s more durable and higher efficient than Economic Stones.

However, the Economic quality is cheaper than High quality one.

So you can choose the any one type that you need according to your requirement.