Silicon Polishers


Dian Fong silicon polishers are devoted ourselves to producing smooth, precise, and odorless results with minimal heat buildup. Our polishers meet the highest quality criteria-an essential prerequisite for medical products. Dian Fong dental tools range offers a wide selection to cater to every need.

We mainly have two series of silicon polishers: A series and C series.

A series: Especially for polishing precious, Semi-precious metals and all kinds of Alloys.

C series: Especially for polishing porcelain / ceramic tooth enamel acrylic and nature teeth.

Specifications Details

Silicon Polishers come in various shapes, colors, grits, and useful.


1. Silicon polishers have a very stable concentricity, so it all has efficient decontamination, whitening and polishing effect;

2. You didn’t need any medical polishing paste, it can still polish high brightness;

3. It can withstand high temperatures without causing blackening and cracking of the tooth surface