Diamond Burs

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About diamond burs clinic FG shank

Dian Fong have all range of high-quality diamond instruments for all dental applications. Basically, our diamond bur consist of a stainless steel shank coated with pure selected diamond grains. Our advanced technology guarantees an extremely homogeneous, very durable diamond coating. We have up to five different grain size.

All burs with an excellent price/performance ratio.

The products in this line are in strict compliance with CE and ISO certification standards. So you can be assured of the superior quality of each diamond burs.

Diamond burs are generally used for reducing tooth structures to place crowns or porcelain veneer. Diamond burs may also be used to smooth, refine, and polish composite or porcelain material.

Diamond burs are used in conjunction with the dentist’s handpiece for cutting away hard tissue such as tooth and bone. There are a huge range of burs, with different grit , shank, shapes and sizes to suit different situations and procedures.

Types of Diamond Bur Shapes

We can provide various diamond burs in different shape to suit for your inquirement, includes various sizes of Ball Round burs, Inverted Cone, Flame, Wheel, Cylinder etc.

Diamond Bur Grits

Diamond burs also come in a variety of grit sizes. Coarse and super-coarse diamond grits for tooth reduction are the most popular, with fine and super-fine for polishing and smoothing a distant second. Grinding and polishing diamonds should be used to trim and finish micro-filled composites. Coarse grinding tools leave behind striations; fine and extra fine diamonds are suitable for finishing. We marked different color ring on the shank to stand different grits.

Types of Diamond Bur Shanks

We mainly produce 4 types different shanks of diamond burs:

  • FGS: high speed 1.6mm diameter short shank;
  • FG: high speed 1.6mm diameter standard shank;
  • FGXL: high speed 1.6mm diameter long shank;
  • RA: low speed 2.35mm diameter shank.

Dian Fong Diamond Burs Advantage

  1. Long service life and high cutting capacity when preparing and separating porcelain, facing composites and model materials.
  2. Precise dimension and stable control of quality.
  3. Enjoy low price but high quality.

Contact Dian Fong at once to know more about our unique offering of diamond burs and how they can improve your cutting efficiency.