Diamond Polishers


Diamond Polishers RA shank with diamond particles, for high-lustre polishing of porcelain restorations, all ceramic teeth ,zirconium teeth,resin teeth and other restorations.

It consists of two interleaved polishing wheels, so it has great flexibility in use, easy operation and strong applicability. During polishing, the two layers of polishing wheels intersect each other, which also creates the possibility of perfect polishing for areas that are difficult to reach, such as fine polishing of the occlusal surface of teeth.

Function Advantages

1.Highly Flexible:

The highly flexible polishing lamellae adapt to any surface structure thus creating perfect polishing results.

Because of the highly flexible,it is particularly suitable for polishing occlusal and adjacent surface of teeth.

2.Maintain the polished surface structure:

The polishing wheel can ensure that it only removes a very fine layer of the material surface during the polishing process, thereby ensuring that the original structure is not changed during the polishing process.

We have three different grits for diamond polishers; Blue Coarse grit, Red Medium Grit and Grey Fine grit. And we combined 2 different Kits of them to suit for your requirement.